Head of the Order Character Art

Patrick hillstead wizard 01

Atticus, Wizard

Patrick hillstead chiyo 01

Magical Girl

Patrick hillstead queen 01

Ice Queen

Patrick hillstead hotep 01


Patrick hillstead juggler 01


Patrick hillstead oni 01


Patrick hillstead hoto highpolies

Character High Poly

Head of the Order

Head of the Order Character Art

Characters produced for Head of the Order in 2014. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2. Head of the Order is a gesture based spell casting game that was made for the Intel RealSense platform. The game was developed in Unity 4, and we utilized the Shader Forge plugin to create more accurate shader and materials for the characters. I produced all the character art for the game. All the characters are around the 18k -22k triangle range, each of them having a set of two 2k texture maps, save for the Wizard who was 1 set of maps. I produced all of these characters within six months, and learned a lot through the process. The rigs and animations were done by our animator, Allison Barraza (http://allisonbarraza.tumblr.com/). I created the high resolution sculpts in Zbrush, baked the textures in xNormal, created the texture maps in photoshop, and used Maya for everything low poly.